Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

The attorneys at the Leake Law Firm, PLLC have helped thousands of clients deal with a wide range of real estate issues over the last several decades.

Acquisitions, Sales, and Financing Agreements

We regularly assist clients negotiate and close real estate transactions in a manner that can often result in a net savings compared to more conventional means. Our services in this area include drafting and reviewing deeds and other conveyance documents, escrow instructions, purchase and sale agreements, financing agreements, and other related documents.

Legal Challenges to Boundary Lines or Land Ownership

Legal challenges to boundary lines often occur when one or more deed was poorly drafted to where two pieces of property overlap when surveyed. Legal challenges regarding the ownership of entire tracts of lands also occur and usually involve adverse possession, Sherriff’s auctions, or fraudulent conveyance in the chain of title. If you are faced with any kind of legal dispute over real estate in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can show you how we can help.

Residential and Commercial Leasing

Landlords for commercial and residential properties sometimes attempt to draft their own lease agreements, which can and often does result in unexpected negative consequences when either certain protections are not included or when certain clauses are included but simply are not valid under Texas law when challenged. Meanwhile, commercial and residential tenants on the other hand often don’t realize the rights they have under Texas law or how to exercise them. We at the Leake Law Firm, PLLC have significant experience drafting and reviewing residential and commercial lease agreements, and we always aim to do so in a manner where our clients are afforded as much protection as possible. Whether you just need a quick consultation, a complex commercial lease agreement tailored to your needs, or anything in between, don’t hesitate to call the Leake Law Firm, PLLC to let us show you exactly how we can help.

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