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If there is any legal advice that everyone should follow, it’s to make sure you have a valid will. Not having a valid will is a surefire way to burden your loved ones with thousands of dollars of extra expenses to transfer title to your property and distribute your estate after your passing.

A traditional will is not the only document that can help you and your loved ones if something were to happen to you. If for some reason you were to become incapacitated, a Durable Business Power of Attorney prepared by a competent attorney allows you to designate someone to handle you or your business’ affairs during your incapacity. A Medical Power of Attorney allows you to designate a persons to make medical decisions on your behalf should you be physically or mentally unable to do so. A Directive to Physicians allows you to legally designate your preference as to whether or not you will remain on life support in certain medical scenarios, such as being in a permanent vegetative state.

Estate planning and probate litigation are collectively one of our primary areas of practice at the Leake Law Firm, PLLC. Our attorneys have counselled countless clients on their end of life legal issues over the last several decades. Our experience means we will only be offering you what you need – whether it be just a simple will or the creation of a revocable living trust to ensure that your estate will be managed and protected without the need to go through the probate process.

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and have yet to put your affairs in order, please do not hesitate to call the Leake Law Firm, PLLC to let us show you how we can help.

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