Business Formation and Planning

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is starting a business without properly forming and operating the right business entity. If you haven’t properly formed an entity for your business, or if you have chosen the wrong entity for the job, creditors, litigious customers, and disgruntled employees could potentially come after you and your family’s assets and possessions in satisfaction of a debt or judgment. You also might be missing out on large tax savings on your personal income taxes.

LLCs and Corporations

There is no question you can have nationally advertised, big box companies form an LLC or Corporation for your business, and that might actually be a good decision if the only deciding factor was price. Big box companies, however, can’t and don’t provide individually tailored entity formations, nor do they provide proper counseling to their customers on how to actually operate their business entity after it is formed to make sure those protections stay in place.

The Leake Law Firm, PLLC has attorneys with experience choosing the right entity for our clients, forming it in a way that is tailored to our client’s needs, and personally teaching the client on how to operate the business to ensure that the liability protections are not lost later down the line. Our competitive flat fee pricing structure also allows you to call and speak to an attorney later on if a question arises at no added charge to you. If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and already own a business or are planning to start a business in the near future, call the Leake Law Firm, PLLC to let us show you what our attorneys can do to make sure that you, your family, and your business are properly protected.

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